Match - A - Pack

What is Match-a-Pack? Match-a-Pack is a partnership between Green-Eyed Designs and Fostering Faith Foundation. When you donate a backpack, Green-Eyed Designs will match it.


Our Goal: to gather a supply of this most needed item. During this drive, our goal is to collect 200 backpacks. Yep. That's a big number. But it pales in comparison to the immeasurable impact on the lives of the children receiving them. 

One of the most requested items for Fostering Faith Foundation for foster children transitioning to a foster home or group home is a backpack. Each child we serve receives 2 backpacks: One filled with clothes and other necessities and some fun items; the second with school supplies and therapeutic items like a stuffy, fidgets or journals. 

How You Can Help:

Click the donation link to Donate A Pack and Have it Matched

We appreciate your support in helping us make a difference!