Tiffany founded Fostering Faith Foundation in 2018, and received full 501(c)(3) non-profit status in January 2020. In the beginning she kept hearing the question "are you going to be doing more throughout the year?" and "keep us in mind for next year. Tiffany felt a calling and has since been blessed to give back to children coming into group homes and foster families around the state through the work at the foundation. Our ultimate goal is to bring Fostering Faith Foundations Holiday Wish Lists to Foster Children throughout the whole state of North Carolina. Throughout the year we are able to provide clothing, assistance with needed items, needed funds, scholarships and more to children in care, foster families and group homes. We also aid in providing resources for those interested in fostering and fostering-to-adopt through community outreach and professional support with our community partners. 

Tiffany has a passion for the children in care, having seen the traumatic side of things through a therapy internship, as well as the joy of things through the work done through the foundation. She continues to bring community involvement into the foundation to help spread more awareness about the children in care and the support we can all provide to make their situations a little bit brighter and to show them their community cares and is their to support them.

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Nathaniel Birdsong

 Chairman of the Board, Secretary


Nathaniel is the Chairman of the Board, Secretary and backup support for Fostering Faith Foundation. He is a full time real estate agent and investor working in the Triad area of North Carolina. Nathaniel has a passion for helping foster children by way of his connection to his own kids. "Imagining my own children without a family, without parents, is what drives me to see the mission of Fostering Faith Foundation succeed" is Nat's response when asked about why the charity was founded. 


Georgia Akers 

 Vice Chair of the Board, Information Coordinator


Georgia has volunteered with various organizations over the years. Locally, through her son's Boy Scout Troop, she found volunteer opportunities with the Clemmons Food Pantry and Bethesda Center for the Homeless where she serves on a frequent basis. She also helps out at No Goats No Glory Farm where she cleans up after and helps train puppies before they go to their forever homes.


Georgia's primary work is proofreading. Her strengths with Fostering Faith Foundation's is reviewing contracts, website, blog posts and email notifications as they arise. She is excited to help be the hands and feet of Jesus along with the others on the board of this important foundation in North Carolina's Piedmont Triad.


Deana Robinson

Director of Community Outreach

Deana lives in Winston Salem, NC with her husband of 27 years, David and her 13 year old daughter, Victoria (Tori).  She also has a son, Dustin who is 25 and lives in Raleigh.  Deana celebrated her 27th year with Wells Fargo Bank as a Senior Fiduciary Administrator this year and has her CTFA, Certified Trust Financial Advisor certification.  Her  family has been very involved the last several years with community outreach which started with her daughter’s passion to help children who are affected by food insecurity.  Tori's platform is Fighting Childhood Hunger and she promotes her platform by setting up her traveling lemonade stand, Tori’s Lemon-AIDE and selling lemonade and accepting monetary donations to purchase food.  Tori has given over 6,000 pounds of food to community outreach centers.  Family is very important to them and partnering with Fostering Faith Foundation is an honor as they look forward to providing outreach to foster children who not only may not know where their next meal would come from, but may not know where they will end up at the end of the day.  Her goal is to help as many foster children as possible, to give them a purpose and let them know they are loved and cared for.  


Ramona Murphy 

Volunteer Coordinator

Ramona has worked with different organizations most of her life. She has coordinated Girl Scout retreats and events, clothing drives, participated in events with the Kimberly Home and more. Ramona is a U.S. Veteran from the United States Army as well as a full-time minister. Ramona has donated to our cause for the last two years, and is excited to be apart of the team. Ramona will be helping to coordinate volunteers for events as well as coordinating drop off locations for our Holiday Wish Lists. 

Junior Board Members

Spartacus is 5 years old and heading into Kindergarten. Spartacus loves to golf, geocache and building things with Legos. Each year for his birthday and Christmas, Spartacus finds a way to give back to the children in foster care. He has collected and delivered birthday boxes, so that the kids in care will be able to celebrate their birthdays, and know that it's their special day. He has collected letters of encouragement so the children know that they are loved and people in the community care for them. He has also created goodie bags and collected monetary donations to give back to the group homes. This will be Spartacus's 4th year volunteering with the children's holiday wish lists. The thing he most enjoys about helping to fulfill the children's wish lists is being able to stuff each stocking with Christmas treats and knowing the excitement on the children's face's Christmas morning.


Magnolia (Nolie) is 3 years old and in pre-k. Her favorite things are her horsey (her favorite stuffed animal), dollie, stuffed snakes, painting, ice cream and popsicles. She loves to tap dance and geocache with her family and friends.

Magnolia loves being able to get out in communities meeting new people and seeing what their needs are and how she can help. Magnolia's platform is Magnolia’s Foster Friends. Through her platform, she strives to spread love and friendship to foster children throughout North Carolina. She does this by delivering special holiday packages, gifting stuffed animals for cuddles, providing therapy kits for court or other times of struggles, passing on words of encouragement, or collecting donations and/or items that are needed within group homes. After seeing the extra needs and wants from the kids in care that we serve through the Fostering Faith Foundation in granting their Christmas wishes and bigger needs, my platform has been able to serve kids in different ways over the last two years. She also collects books for a unique free little library here in her hometown. 

Tori Headshot 5-2021.jpg

Victoria (Tori) is 14 years old and attends North Davidson Middle School, where she loves to cheer on the Black Knights as a cheerleader and was the manager for the volleyball team. Outside of school, she plays competitive volleyball and keeps herself in shape with her personal trainer on a weekly basis.  When she's not participating in sports, her other passion is giving back to the community.  When she was in the first grade, she created her own non-profit organization, Tori’s Lemon-Aide. She sells lemonade and accepts monetary donations to support her platform, Fighting Childhood Hunger.  This started at 7 years old when she realized that she may have friends that she knows who didn’t know where they would get their next meal and decided she wanted to help.  It started with a conversation with her school principal who allowed her to have a food drive at school.  She now travels around with her stand and has been able to contribute over 6,000 pounds of food to community outreach centers.  Giving back to the community is very important to her and she has been honored to earn 6 Presidential Volunteer Service Awards given by the President of the United States. Her goal is to partner with organizations around the world to bring awareness to childhood hunger and encourage others to give back to their communities to help fight childhood hunger.  Food insecurity is a national problem and she feels that no one should go hungry. She is very excited to partner with Fostering Faith Foundation to provide community outreach to foster children.