Pantry and Clothing Information

When a foster or kinship family gets the call to take in a new child, often the family will not have the appropriate clothing or supplies for the new placement. It is usually a rush to get what is needed, or finding a local agency if their is one to assist in the needs. Many times, the children are placed with just the clothes on their backs. We also know that when aging out, times may become tough and help is needed but challenging to ask for at times. No matter what the circumstance, we want to be a source of help.


Through our Pantry, we offer hygiene items, necessities, non- perishable foods, baby formula and have access to the grocery store across the street to be able to provide fresh foods and dairy when needed. Non-Perishable Food items are always appreciated and accepted along with grocery gift cards to help with fresh necessities (milk, eggs, etc) and to provide to families & aged out youth when the need arises.















We also carry an array of clothing, undergarments, shoes, activities, therapeutic items and other needed supplies at no cost to the foster and kinship families as well as those that have aged out of the system. We have an amazing community that cares and all of our items have been donated by members, companies, churches and other organizations throughout the community.


While we do LOVE all our donations, we are very particular about the donations we accept. This is so that the children, teens and young adults we serve receive things that make them feel valued and dignified. We don’t want them to feel embarrassed by what they have to wear or use. The goal is to make them feel cared for, loved and appreciated.

If there is a need after hours we can be reached by text or phone call at 336-567-9387 and by email at Our office is located at 3540 Clemmons Rd. Suite 107, Clemmons, NC 27012