We are so thrilled to be partnering with the Lavender Life Company to bring bunnies to foster children in our community in Davidson, Davie, Iredell, Wilkes and Guilford Counties. We won't leave anyone out so please contact us if you are a social worker, group home or foster family looking to provide some calming therapy for the children coming into your care!  


At Lavender Life Company, they are passionate about rescuing kids at risk. By producing & selling multiple, excellent lavender products for all ages (including culinary, apothecary, & skin care), God has lead them to create an engine to mobilize others in the mission to give a warmable, lavender-filled Xander Bunny to all 440,000+ children in foster care, and to encourage those on the front lines rescuing kids. They do this through their BUY-a-Bunny-We-Give-a-Bunny Program, named after their grandson Xander, who entered the family as a 2-yr-old child in foster care. Lavender helps lessen anxiety, improves sleep and provides calming therapy for children in foster care going through traumatic transitions. Xander helped stuff the first bunnies they sold and was so helped by his bunny, that they decided right away to donate one to a child in foster care for each one they sold. They hire young adults who have aged out of the foster care system when they can. Since their online store opened in April of 2018, they have donated over 27,000 Xander Bunnies, to state/county & private agencies in 13 states. Lavender Life Farm and Company has a loyal clientele (49,000 customers with a 39% return rate presently & 51,300+ followers on Facebook for example). They share our passion to send children in the system a clear message: “You are loved and not alone.”