Thinking about Fostering, Fostering to Adopt or Adoption Through the Foster System?

While there are many children in the foster care system in North Carolina right now, WXII's Wanda Starke​ recently did a segment on the children in the North Carolina Foster Care System that are available for adoption at a recent adoption fair. As of right now, around 2,500 children are legally cleared for adoption within the state of North Carolina. However, close to 500 of them will age out of foster care this year alone without ever finding their forever home.

Those are pretty big numbers within just our state. Imagine what those numbers are within the entire US!? The unfortunate part is that many of these children that age out of the system without finding their forever homes have a bigger chance of ending up homeless, ending up behind bars and young women become pregnant earlier, while also having those children enter the system.

If you are interested in fostering or fostering to adopt, or adoption through the foster system, there are many group homes and amazing people in them working to find these children homes and maybe even their forever home. Let us know how we can help and we will help get you in tough with the right person.

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